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  • NameAbdulaziz Khaled Abahussain Telephone No0133429000 Ext.6832 Job TitleAssistant Librarian
  • Nameabdulhadi zaid alzaidy Telephone No0133429000 Ext.!! Job TitleInstructor
  • NameAbdullah Ali Alqahtani Telephone No0133429000 Ext.6806 Job TitleAdministrative Assistant
  • NameAbdullah Rashed Albuainain Telephone No0133429000 Ext.!! Job TitleDriver / Mail
  • NameAbdullah Rashid Al Rumi Telephone No0133429000 Ext.6967 Job TitleScheduling Specialist
  • NameAbdullah saeed AL Zahrani Telephone No0133429000 Ext.6862 Job TitleAdministrative Assistant
  • NameAbdulmohsen abdullah AlAjmi Telephone No0133429000 Ext.6922 Job TitleAdministrative Assistant
  • NameAbdulmonem Abdulaziz Al Abdulrazaq Telephone No0133429000 Ext.6984 Job TitleInstructor
  • NameAbdulqadir Abdi Diriye Telephone No0133429000 Ext.6980 Job TitleChairperson of Business Admin Dept
  • NameAbdulrahman Abdullah AlShamrani Telephone No0133429000 Ext.6870 Job TitleSection Head, Admission and Registration

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