This division is responsible for applying administrative rules and regulations and developing procedures , working methods and the organizing all subordinate units to reach the desired goals by achieving the following objectives and policies of the College. The divisions are as follows:

  • The Director of Administrative and Financial Affairs
  • Safety and Security
  • Employee Services
  • Support Services
  • Finance & procurement

To provide all administrative and financial services that will guarantee the highest level of proficiency and effectiveness to all the College Departments.

  1. Responsible for all administrative procedures, including professional employees' appointment, transfer, promotion, mandate, termination of their services and other procedures such as allowances, reward, vacations in accordance with the administrative system.
  2. Prepare the annual budget of the administration with all its divisions and units.
  3. Follow up to ensure the needs of all the divisions and the departments of the college in regard to materials , equipment and devices and obtaining the best deals in terms of quality, price , installation , operation and maintenance .
  4. Work on future plans, identify training needs, enhance the performance of the administrative units and management staff and prepare case studies to keep up with the administrative and financial development.
  5. Check the periodic reports of the activities and achievements of the administration and the different problems it faces as well as the possible solutions and submitting them to the Managing Director.
  6. ​Supervise and achieve the safety and security to all individuals and property in both branches of the college– male and female.