Counseling and Guidance

​The goals of the unit;
  • Development and construction of the student's personality and confidence factors transplant
  • Investment talents and abilities of student access to the policy of investment in human assets
  • Study cases psychological, social and educational
  • Behavioral modification trends unwanted by Self-TuningGuidance and Counseling.jpg
  • Conduct research studies to get to the main problems and the achiev​​ement of continuous improvement in all other program

  • Help students integrate in​​to university life and clarify all laws for university study

  • Follow-up delays and academic health problems for students
  • The establishment of many of t​​he programs of activities designed to help students acquire skills to prepare for the crisis in the labor market

Work to predict problems and prepare the theoretical framing her work to find strategies that take into account the factors of change in the event of the implementation of laws

Staff Contact information:

Mr. Naif Niav Al-Otaibi
Tel: (+966)13 342 6885
Office: 107 Academic Building B