Program Objectives and Outcomes


Bachelor of Science in Accounting



To be a leading program in the region, developing competent and ethical accounting graduates who cater to the global and regional business needs.


To provide students with the accounting knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to meet the challenges of a sustainable business environment. 

The Accounting Program objectives are to:

  1. Develop and enhance competencies in producing, measuring, analyzing, validating and communicating financial and other relevant managerial information to various stakeholder constituencies.
  2. Equip graduates with business knowledge and skills relevant to a variety of settings with an understanding of professional responsibility, ethical obligations and social awareness.
  3. Develop graduates' self-confidence, critical thinking skills, analytical skills, decision-making skills and communication skills with respect to technical accounting information.
  4. Provide the educational background to meet the requirements of various professional accounting certification examinations for students who pursue lifelong learning and continuing education.
  5. Understand legal, regulatory, and professional standards as they relate to accounting and the accounting profession.

Student Outcomes:

On successful completion of the program graduates should be able to:

  1. Describe key accounting processes, procedures and theories that are necessary for a professional environment
  2. State the domestic and global dimensions of accounting issues.
  3. Recall accounting methods for various business contexts.
  4. Create financial statements for businesses using accounting principles.
  5. Apply core concepts and practices in various business situation.
  6. Develop critical thinking skills in conducting research in all fields of accounting.
  7. Interpret quantitative and qualitative data for decision making.
  8. Demonstrate social responsibility, ethics, leadership and teamwork in dynamic environment.
  9. Show ability for self-education and continued professional development.
  10. Demonstrate effective communication skills consistent with the  accounting environment.
  11. Use current computerized accounting systems and applications in the work place.

Career Opportunities:

Graduates of the program will be well positioned to take advantage of various career opportunities in different organizations such as industry, banking, transportation, hospitality, telecommunications, retail, financial services, entertainment and insurance services. The following are some areas of potential employment.

  • Approved jobs from Ministry of Labor:
No.Job codeJob titles (English)
11112131Director, financial and accounting affairs
21217071Manager, banking business
31217131Manager, accounts and budget
43610002Economic and financial affairs technicians
53611002Economic and financial affairs personnel
63620002Accounting sciences technicians
73621012Accounts technician General
83621022Accounts auditing technician
93621032Cost accounting technician
104211183Finance clerk
114210003Accounting and financial affairs clerks
124211033General book keeper
134211073Fee accounts clerk
144211183Finance clerk

  • Approved jobs from Ministry of Civil Service:
SNOccupation CodeJob titles (English)
3040109Chartered Accountant
3020809Budget Specialist
3020807Budget Analyst
3021409Management Auditor
3021110Statistical Analyst
3021210Accounting Manager
3021807Information Researcher
3021810Information Specialist
3022009Internal Auditor
3030308Payroll Inspector
3040209Accounts Analyst
3040508Pension Inspector
3040810Financial Inspector
3040910Financial Auditor