Business Administration Program

Business Administration Program 


To produce competent graduates who meet the growing demands of the expanding regional business community while fostering ethical approaches to business challenges.


To provide students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to adapt to a dynamic business environment


Program Educational Objectives:

The BUS program objectives are to:

      1. Develop the graduates' competence in effectively formulating and implementing business strategies in quality management, operations management, financial management, marketing management, and human resource management,
      2. Equip graduates with the methodology and analytical skills so that they can effectively gather, analyze, and interpret information for use in business decision making,
      3. Build the graduates' competence in the effective use of current information and related technologies,
      4. Develop knowledge and skills required to work effectively in a profession,
      5. Enhance graduates' self-confidence, ability to make proper decision and effective communication, and
      6. Pursue lifelong learning and continuing education.

Student Outcomes:

On successful completion of the program graduates should be able to:

  1. Recognize development of Theories, Concepts and Practices in Quality Management, Operations Management, Human Resources Management, Marketing and Finance
  2. State the domestic and global dimensions and influences on business issues. 
  3. Recall Management models for various business contexts. 
  4. Describe key processes and procedures that are necessary for the Professional Environment. 
  5. Justify the concepts and practices in various business situations. 
  6. Apply analytical and problem solving skills in resolving business problems and decision making. 
  7. Develop critical thinking skills in conducting research in business areas. 
  8. Interpret quantitative and qualitative data for managing business. 
  9. Demonstrate social responsibility, ethics, leadership and team work in a dynamic environment. 
  10. Illustrate zeal for lifelong learning and continued professional development. 
  11. Demonstrate effective communication skills consistent with the business and professional environment. 
  12. Operate current computer applications and technological equipment in the workplace. 

Career Opportunities:

Graduates of this program can pursue career opportunities in a range of fields including:

Quality assurance Manager9
Training development Officer
Quality control Supervisor10
Financial analysis Assistant
Quality planning Assistant11
Financial planning specialist
Marketing research Assistant12
Credit management planner
Advertising Assistant 13
Cost accounting assistant
Sales Assistant 14
Financial consultant
Recruitment Assistant 15
Budget Planner
Payroll Assistant 16
Teaching staff


Graduates of this program can pursue career opportunities with the following job titles:

A.    Job titles adopted from the Ministry of Labor website:

No.Job titles (English)*
1Specialist, personnel affairs
2Contracts specialist
3Administrative  consultant
4Budget organizer I planner
5Quality Officer
6Teaching assistant
7Teacher ,business administration
8Training Specialist
9Training Adviser


B.    Job titles adopted/translated from the Ministry of Civil Service website:


Job titles (English)**
1Labor Hiring Specialist
2Assistant Payroll and Allowances Researcher
3Payroll and Allowances Specialist
4Assistant  Recruitment Researcher
5Recruitment Specialist
6Custody Controller
7Assistant Warehouses Researcher
8Warehouses Specialist
9Purchasing Officer
10Assistant Purchasing Researcher
11Purchasing Specialist
12Screening Officer
13Supervising Screening Officer
14Work Inspector Assistant
15Labor Investigator Assistant
16Labor Investigator

*    Job titles translated in English from Arabic from the Ministry of Labor website

**  Job titles translated in English from Arabic from the Ministry of Civil Service website