Faculty Female Members


Dr. Raja Saad AlGhamdi



Assistant Professor


Location: Building A, Office #116

Tel #: +966133459000

Ext.: 3375


Areas of Expertise: TEFL/Translation Studies.


  • PhD in Modern Languages and Cultures, University of Leeds, UK, 2016

  • M.A., Curriculum and Methods of Teaching English (Graduated Summa Cum Laude), Prince Noura University, Riyadh, 2004

  • B.A., English Language and Education (Graduated Magna Cum Laude), Umm Al-Qura University, 1999

Publications:

Dr. Sheena Goddard

Associate Professor


Location: Building B, Office #201-07

Tel #: +966133459000

Ext.: 3557



Areas of Expertise: Literature and Literary Criticism


  • PhD in English, Rhodes University, 2008
  • MA in English Literature, University of South Africa, 1997
  • BA Honours in Theory of Literature, University of South Africa, 1991
  • Articles Published in Peer-Reviewed Journals
    1. Pickled histories, bottled stories: Recuperative narratives in the God of Small Things
    Sheena Patchay
    Journal of Literary Studies, Volume 17, 2001 - Issue 3-4
    Published Online: 06 Jul 2007
    2. “Re‐Telling histories” in The Unbearable Lightness of Being and The Book of Laughter and Forgetting
    Sheena Patchay
    Journal of Literary Studies, Volume 14, 1998 - Issue 3-4
    Published Online: 22 Oct 2010
    3. Not Just a Detective Novel: Trauma, Memory and Narrative Form in Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow
    Sheena Patchay
    Journal of Literary Studies, Volume 26, 2010 - Issue 4
    Published Online: 09 Dec 2010
    4. Transgressing Boundaries: Marginality, Complicity and Subversion in Nervous Conditions
    Sheena Patchay
    English in Africa
    Vol. 30, No. 1 (May, 2003), pp. 145-155

Norah Salem AlQahtani


Administrative Assistant


Location: Building A, Office #116-01

Tel #: +966133459000

Ext.: 3378


Areas of Expertise: 


  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Jubail University College, KSA, February 2017

Amani Sami Salmeen



Location: Building A, Office #116-4

Tel #: +966133459000

Ext.: 3465

Email: SALMEENA@ucj.edu.sa 

Areas of Expertise: English Language & Literature


  • Master's Degree in English Literature, Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, 2018
  • Bachelor of Arts in English Language, Jubail University College, KSA, 2013




Location: Building B, Office #201-4

Tel #: +966133459000

Ext.: 3552


Areas of Expertise: linguistics


  • M.A. in Applied Linguistics, Mersin University Institute of Social Sciences, 2002
  • B.A. in English Language, Faculty of Science and Literature, English Language and Literature, 1998

Maha Jasim Al-Hejji



Location: Building B, Office #202-6

Tel #: +966133459000

Ext.: 3577



Areas of Expertise: Applied Linguistics (TEFL)


  • MA in Applied Linguistics (TEFL), King Faisal University, 2014
  • Bachelor of Education in English Language, Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, 2003
Alhejji, M. (2017). English Present Perfect Acquisition: The Effect of Noticing L1/L2 Differences. Lambert Academic Publishing. ISBN 978-3-330-03374-0

Aarzoo Waseem



Location: Building A, Office #201-5

Tel #: +966133459000

Ext.: 3551



Areas of Expertise:  (TEFL)


  • Master of Arts (English Language Teaching -ELT), Kinnaiard College for Women-Lahore-Pakistan, 2003 
  • Master of Arts (English Language and Literature), University of the Punjab-Lahore-Pakistan, 1999 - 2001
  • Bachelor of Arts (Humanities), Lahore College for Women Punjab University-Lahore-Pakistan, 1997-1999

Shaikhah Abdullah A Alyalak



Location: Building B, Office #202-5

Tel #: +966133459000

Ext.: 3574

Email: yalaks@ucj.edu.sa


Areas of Expertise: English Literature


  • Master of Arts in English - Literary Studies, University of Waterloo, 2013
  • Bachelor in Education and Sciences in English Language, Dammam University, 2009

Seemeen Rana



Location: Building B, Office #201-2

Tel #: +966133459000

Ext.: 3554

Email: ranas@ucj.edu.sa


Areas of Expertise: Linguistics, Literature , Professional & Research Writing


  • Masters in English Literature, University of Karachi, 2003
  • Masters in English Linguistics, University of Karachi, 2002
  • Honours in English Literature, University of Karachi, 2000

Denise May Wright



Location: Building B, Office #201-3

Tel #: +966133459000

Ext.: 3553

Email: wrightd@ucj.edu.sa


Areas of Expertise: TESL/TEFL, Linguistics


  • MA in English with TESL / TEFL specialization, Colorado State University, 2003
  • BA in Liberal Arts - Double Minor: English and Islamic History, Colorado State University, 1999
Publications:

Hind Hasan AlZahrani



Location: Building A, Office #116-5

Tel #: +966133459000

Ext.: 3466

Email: zahranih@ucj.edu.sa


Areas of Expertise: Translation


  • Master Degree of Translation in the field of English Language, Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, Riyadh, January 2015
  • Bachelor Degree of Translation in the field of English Language, King Saud University, Riyadh, February 2010


  • Idiomatic Translation Between English and Arabic: Cultural Differences  (Article)
  • Translation of Idioms on the Cultural Level: Problems and Solutions (Book)

Monerah Ibraheem Abdullah AlKhlaifi



Location: Building B, Office #201-08

Tel #: +966133459000

Ext.: 3562

Email: khlaifim@ucj.edu.sa


Areas of Expertise: Linguistics


  • Master of Arts in Linguistics, Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, Riyadh, 2017
  • Bachelor of Arts in English Language with Education, Umm Al-Qura University, Makkah, 2011

Rafif Mohammed Althuwayli



Location: Building A, Office #116-3

Tel #: +966133459000

Ext.: 3464

Email: thuwaylir@ucj.edu.sa


Areas of Expertise: Translation


  • Master of Arts in Arabic Translation, Kent State University, Ohio USA, 2016
  • Bachelor of Arts in English & Translation, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2010

Hanan Albalawi



Location: Building A, Office #116-06

Tel #: +966133459000

Ext.: 3467

Email: balawih@ucj.edu


Areas of Expertise: TESOL


  • MA in TESOL, Adelphi University, 2014
  • Bachelor of Education and Art (English Language), Tabuk University, 2007

Atheer Abdulrahman Hunjur



Location: Building A, Office #116-20

Tel #: +966133459000

Ext.: 3459

Email: hunjura@ucj.edu.sa


Areas of Expertise: English Language Teaching


  • Master of Philosophy - English Language Teaching, Trinity College Dublin, 2013
  • Bachelor of English Language and Literature, Taif University, 2010

Hodo Mohamed Ismail



Location: Building B, Office #202-04

Tel #: +966133459000

Ext.: 3375

Email: ismailh@ucj.edu.sa


Areas of Expertise: Teaching English as Second language/Applied Linguistics


  • Master of Arts in English, George Mason Univeristy, USA, August 2007
  • BA in English Language and Literature, Cairo University, Egypt, May 2000

Aisha  Khawaja



Location: Building B, Office #201-06

Tel #: +966133459000

Ext.: 3556

Email: khawajaa@ucj.edu.sa


Areas of Expertise: Language Teaching, Literature & Linguistics


  • M.Phil (English Lit.), Punjab University, Lahore,1997-98
  • M.A (English Lit.), Lahore College for Women, Lahore, 1995
  • M.A. (English Language Teaching), Kinnaird College, Lahore, 2005


  • Pa Ba Rasan,  Mavra Publisher, September 2017
  • Sallay Ala Nabi-ay-na, Mavra Publisher, October 2017
  • Zameer-a-kunfakan, Mavra Publisher, Lahore, December 2017
  • English Language Teaching and Learning in Pakistan: Issues and Development, ELT Conference, Fatimah Jinnah Women University, "Hybridization of Language in the African Colonial and Postcolonial Scenario with Special Reference to Chinua Achebe's Novel, October 1-2, 2005

Huda Mohammed AlGhamdi



Location: Building B, Office #202-03

Tel #: +966133459000

Ext.: 3573

Email: Ghamdih@ucj.edu.sa


Areas of Expertise: Teaching, research, and quality assurance


  • Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics- University of York 2018
  • Bachelor of Arts in English Language, Jubail University College, KSA, 2013


  • Book: Native and Non-native English Speaking teachers in Saudi Arabia (2017)

Ghozayel Mohsen Alotaibi



Location: Building B, Office #202-08

Tel #: +966133459000

Ext.: 3576

Email: otteebig@ucj.edu.sa


Areas of Expertise: English Language and Applied Linguistics
Corpus Linguistics / Second Language Acquisition


  • MA in English Language and Applied Linguistics, The University of Birmingham, December 2016
  • B.Ed. in English Language, King Saud University, February 2010


“The role of socialisation in the development of phonological, syntactical and lexical aspects of language; a psycholinguistics view”. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, [S.l.], v. 5, n. 4, p. 84-92, May 2017. ISSN 2411-2933. Available at: <http://www.ijier.net/index.php/ijier/article/view/665>.

Armela M. Mailig



Location: Building A, Office #116-15

Tel #: +966133459000

Ext.: 3453

Email: mailiga@ucj.edu.sa


Areas of Expertise: English

  • Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English,The National Teachers College, Manila, Philippines, 1993


  • Level of Human Motivation of Teaching and Non-Teaching Personnel in Manila High Scool: An Assessment                                   
  • (Thesis for M. A. Ed in Administration and Supervision)

Fatma Topal



SIS Coordinator


Location: Building A, Office #116-21

Tel #: +966133459000

Ext.: 3460

Email: topalf@ucj.edu.sa


Areas of Expertise: English


  • BA Education major in English, Gazi University Educational Faculty, Ankara, Turkey, 1999

Raheel AlOtaibi



Location: Building A, Office #116-2

Tel #: +966133459000

Ext.: 3463

Email: Otaibir@ucj.edu.sa


Areas of Expertise: English Language


  • Bachelor of Arts in English Language, Jubail University College, KSA, 2016
  • Use of Technology along with Teaching in Todays Demanding World, ISSN 1929-7106, Vol. 7 No.9, pages 44-47, International Journal of Arts and Commerce, November 2018

Milagros Cortez Perez



Location: Building A, Office #116-12

Tel #: +966133459000

Ext.: 3490

Email: PEREZM@ucj.edu.sa


Areas of Expertise: English Language

  • Bachelor of Science in Education Major in English, University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines, 1985

Julie O' Donnell



Location: Building A, Office #116-11

Tel #: +966133459000

Ext.: 3489

Email: odennelj@ucj.edu.sa


Areas of Expertise: English, Modern Languages

  •  B.A in English and French, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick, Ireland, 1997
  •  H.Dip in Modern Languages, Trinity College, 1998

Nazgul Abdukarimova



Location: Building A, Office #116-18

Tel #: +966133459000

Ext.: 3457

Email: abdukarimovan@ucj.edu.sa


Areas of Expertise: English and Literature

  • Fulbright (FLTA) Certificate, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, U.S. Department of State, USA, 2007
  • International Visitors of USA Certificate, U.S. Department of State, USA 2005
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in English Language, Jalalabat State University, Jalalabat, Kyrgyzstan, 1999

  •  Teaching Methodological Instruction on Practical Course of English for the second course students. Jalalabat State University, Jalalabat, Kyrgyzstan 2001                                        
  •  Article "International Year of Mountains", magazine "Vestnik."Jalalabat State University, Jalalabat, Kyrgyzstan 2002                                       
  • Article "The Role of Education in Achieving Gender Equality."Jalalabat State University, Jalalabat, Kyrgyzstan 2004

Aishah Saud Sunitan Al- Harbi



Location: Building A, Office #116-17

Tel #: +966133459000

Ext.: 3456

Email: HARBIS@ucj.edu.sa


Areas of Expertise: English

  • Bachelor of Arts in English Language, Jubail University College, KSA, 2016

Tita Yunting



Location: Building A, Office #116-14

Tel #: +966133459000

Ext.: 3454

Email: ​yuntingt@ucj.edu.sa


Areas of Expertise: English

  • Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English, St. Paul University of Dumaguete, 1992




Location: Building A, Office #116-13

Tel #: +966133459000

Ext.: 3451

Email: ​santosj@ucj.edu.sa


Areas of Expertise: English

  • Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education - BSEED, Western Mindanao State University - Zamboanga City, Philippines, March 1981

Maila Almonte Bernal


Female Branch Document Controller


Location: Building B, Office #202-07

Tel #: +966133459000

Ext.: 3488

Email: ​bernalm@ucj.edu.sa


Areas of Expertise: Reading, Writing, Listening, Grammar, Conversation, Business English

  • Bachelor of Science in Education major in English, Catanduanes State University, Philippines, March 1997