College Library Organized Cultural Event


        Jubail university college library (female branch) has been organized Cultural event during the period from 10 to 14 February 2019.

        This activity aims to enlighten and enrich the thought and culture of the students and visitors about the importance of reading in an attractive way through conducting workshops and hosting publication centers and libraries. The activity entitled “JUC is Reading” includes several topics: Reading and leadership, the impact of reading on the leader, culture of difference, the real value of reading,  and a word for those who do not read in 2019.

        Figures were hosted to support the event, including the owner of  reading project "Sandwich paper", Mr. Anas bin Hussein, who highlighted the importance of reading and its impact on the reader and its link to the formation of a leading figure. Additionally, the reading trainer, Mr. Ahmad Tabaji, who discussed the problems of reading and methods of solving them under the name of “reading pharmacy”.

        The event included variety of activities with the participation of students including: My experience with reading, competition titled "who I am" which lasted for a week. As well as, hosting publications centers & libraries such as: BOOKCCINO, DAR ATHAR, ADAB BOOK, SEEN and APRIL PAPER stationery.

        The event was attended by faculty members and visitors from Jubail colleges and schools.