Jubail Colleges and Institutes Officials meet to discuss preparations for




The general manager of the Colleges and Institutes of Jubail, Dr. Ali Hasan Asiri, headed the first meeting with managers from the colleges and institutes of the Royal Commission of Jubail on Monday 13 Dhul al Qadah 1435 (8 September 2014). The meeting was attended by the Managing Directors of Jubail University College (JUC), Dr. Maher Muhammad al Ghanim, Jubail Industrial College (JIC), Dr. Adel Salem Bahakeem and  Eng. Mansour Ali al Enazi of Jubail Technical Institute (JTI) to discuss the necessary preparations for the new academic year and overcoming any potential obstacles to educational progress within the sector.     

The officials reviewed a number of topics pertaining to educational progress for this academic year, including the ongoing construction projects as well as teaching activities and student progress. The general manager stressed the importance of assisting faculty members in improving teaching practices and concluded the meeting by emphasizing the importance of discipline for both the teaching faculty and other employees of the colleges and institutes while carrying out their job related responsibilities for the 2014-2015 academic year.   In addition , Dr. Assiri underlined the importance of preparations and necessary arrangements for lectures and for productive interactions with students.