The General Manager meets with administrative officials and academics



The General Manger of Colleges & Institutes Sector, Dr. Ali Hasan Asiri, met with the managers, deputies, and academic departmental chairmen of the colleges and institutes of Jubail Industrial City at each respective institute and college.    

During the intensive meetings, attendees were congratulated for the commencement of the new academic year. They also discussed workflow issues as well as providing the assistance and services necessary for the progression of the 1435/1436 academic year. In addition, attendees exchanged opinions and listened to observations related to potential difficulties which may hamper job performance along with developing the necessary solutions in a timely manner and strengthening the means and resources currently available in order to overcome these difficulties.   

The general manager reassured the administrators that the educational process throughout the Sector is progressing to the fullest extent. He also emphasized the fact that the Royal Commission, headed by His Highness, Prince Saud bin Abdullah bin Thunnyan, Head of the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu, and Dr. Moslehbin Hamid Al Otaibi, CEO of the Royal Commission of Jubail, dedicate a great deal of attention to the Colleges and Institutes Sector. 

The meeting was attended by the Managing Director of Jubail University College, Dr. Maher bin Muhammad al Ghanim, the Managing Director of Jubail Industrial College, Dr. Adel bin SalimBahakeem, and the Managing Director of Jubail Technical Institute, Eng. Mansour bin Ali Al Anezi.