General Studies Department

The Department of General studies is one of the first departments at Jubail University College which started in 2006. The department has a Male and a Female branch. The department offers courses in English as well as in Arabic medium. The department delivers courses in Mathematics, Science and Health education in English medium and Arabic studies, Islamic studies, study skills, Physical education in Arabic medium. The male branch offers 30 courses, and the female branch offers 27 courses. The male branch exclusively offers applied mathematics, numerical methods, ​elements of differential equations, and physical education; whereas the female branch offers exclusively fundamental mathematics, physics for interior design and health education.

All newly enrolled students from the high school will have to offer and pass the preparatory program. Once completing the preparatory program, these students will move onto undergraduate-level courses offered by Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Business Administration, Management Information system, Interior Design and English language Programs. The latter two programs are only available in the Female branch,​ and the General studies department offers a wide range of courses to these programs at different levels.