Master Schedules and Exams

Class Master Schedules For Semester 422:

Class Master Schedule for Male Branch - Semester 422

Class Master Schedule for Female Branch - Semester 422

Exam Schedules For Semester 422:

Final Exam Schedule For Male Branch - Semester 422

Final Exam Schedule For Female Branch - Semester 422

Final Exam Schedule For Male Branch - Semester 421

Final Exam Schedules for Female Branch - Semester 421


Dear students,

In order to assist you in your registration process contact SIS Coordinators for your department:


Male Branch

MIS department : Mr. Mohammed Qelhas (Qelhas, Mohammed Gherman.

Acct department : Abu Shariq (

LSCM & BA departments : Mr. Abdullah AL Rumi (Rumi, Abdullah Rashed.

CS department : Mr. Mohammed Amrani (Amrani, Mohamed Yassine.

GS Department : Dr. Mohamed Musthafa (Abdulrahman, Mohamed Musthafa.

ME department : Dr. Syed Basha (Basha, Syed Ameer.

CE department : Mr. Shahnawaz Alam ( Alam, Shahnawaz

Female Branch

MIS department: Ms. Malak AL Ruqaie (Ruqaie, Malak Saleh

BA &ACCT departments :Ms. Noora Obaidan (Obaidan, Noora Fahad.

HRM department: Ms. Malak AL Qahtani (Qahtani, Malak Yahya.

ID department : Ms. Soha AL Essa (Essa, Soha Aali.

GS department : Ms. Ann Allida (Allida, Ann Margrette Mehoy

ENGL Major : Ms. Milagros Perez (Perez, Milagros Cortez

ENGL prep year : Ms. Fatima Topal (Topal, Fatma

CS department : Ms. Mona AL Luwaym (Luwaym, Mona Abdullah.


Kindly note the following:

  • You will be contacting the SIS Coordinator of YOUR MAJOR using the attached forms when needed. Contact the GS coordinator only when the requests involves ONLY the GS department courses.
  • You can make any request of courses/sections not offered on Edugate.
  • Priority is to be given to graduating students.
  • Emails from personal email addresses will not be responded to. You MUST use your official JUC email. In case of problems with your official JUC email, you can contact the IT:
  • The Online Meeting rooms will be available every day from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.
  • You should follow the degree plan, efforts are made to ensure no conflicts between courses from the same level.
  • You will be able to share your screen/documents in the online meeting room for convenience of explaining your issues.

Thank you very much.


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