IT Services

Information Technology

Information Technology is the basic computing department of Jubail University College and provides the most stable and reliable resources according to academic and administrative needs.


 Provide various services to the faculty members, students and staff. Services including maintenance and technical support of electronic services, internet services and e-mail to facilitate their tasks to achieve the general objectives of the College.


Create an active and efficient unit capable of adapting quickly to college requirements in the area of technical support and providing facilities used for teaching in the college.


To provide technical support to the College's programs and to develop the necessary plans to improve the level of performance in this regard.


IT Department provides a robust, secure and high performance network for educational, research, and administrative needs and services. All faculty offices, administrative staff offices, classrooms and labs are connected to the network. The backbone of the network serving JUC premises is Gigabit Fiber Optic. The distribution level of the network is fast-Ethernet switches.

Computer Labs

All computer labs are equipped with high performance Dell computers. All the computers operate under a Windows XP operating system with Microsoft Office 2003 Professional – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, FrontPage and Publisher. Internet, email and printer access are provided in each lab, as well as over ten course specific applications for specialization programs.


JUC has leased a line to Internet with good bandwidth. All faculty and students are provided with internet access.


All the faculty and students are provided email accounts. IT Department actively promotes the use of email for communication.


IT Department provides network printers in each computer lab, Learning Resources Center (LRC), and personal printers to staff and faculty for educational purposes.

Video Conferencing

For staff and faculty of Jubail University College IT Department offers professional video conferencing service for common seminar presentations and staff meetings of both branches of male and female.

Recreation and Learning Resources Centers

IT Department has installed some computers in Learning Resources Center (LRC) and Recreation Center available for students to do their work, check their emails or access intranet. Software available includes common word processing, spreadsheet, excel and database packages


Multimedia facilities are provided in all the classrooms, it is also connected with the internet and specific software were installed  to facilitate and enrich the learning of the students.

College Activities

IT Department provides technical assistance on various staff and student activities such as LCD Screens, laptop and audio setup.