Scientific Council

Royal Commission For Jubail Yanbu

High Council of Colleges and Institutes

A Scientific Council is to be established to supervise the academic affairs of faculty members as relates to research, studies and publications. The Council is specifically responsible for:

  1. Deciding on promotion of faculty members according to the specified rules set out by the Colleges & Institutes Sector.

  2. Encouraging scientific/academic research writing, translation and publication. It is therefore delegated to:

  1. Set out rules intended to encourage scientific academic research.

  2. Propose establish centers for scientific research.

  3. Coordinate efforts between the various scientific centers, and set up a comprehensive plan of action.

  4. Coordinate relations with other centers outside the Colleges & Institutes Sector.

  5. Determine the amounts of rewards, incentives and credentials to be awarded to faculty for scientific works and their evaluation; and issue orders of payment thereof.

  6. Publish scientific research papers, writings and theses that are seen worth publishing.

  7. Recommend issuance of sci​​entific journals.

  8. Recommend establish scientific associ​ations and museums; and coordinate between them.

  9. Acknowledge whatever is referred to it of course books and university research theses that may require further review or proof-reading.

  10. Evaluate academic credentials presented by Saudi faculty members

  11. Look into matters referred to it by the RC Colleges & Institutes Council.