Employee Services


providing the needs of the employees (teaching and administrative staff) , regulating their own affairs and providing services for them and their ​families in accordance with the rules and regulations.

  1. Applying the rules and regulations of employees' affairs in accordance with the applicable recruitment system.
  2. Completing the procedures for newly appointed employees, promotion, transportation, vacations, termination and the granting of bonuses and allowances
  3. Providing the necessary facilities for faculty members with regards to all related services.
  4. Providing residence permits to non-Saudis faculty members and their families , medical examinations and driving licenses.
  5. providing exit and return visas , work visas, Visitor Visas , and the final exit in addition to recruiting the new employees' families and preparing their applications from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs .
  6. Providing permits for Hajj and Umrah and helping them in the renewal of their passports.
  7. Checking the maintenance and cleaning services of the housing units. 
  8. Preparing housing units in an appropriate way.
  9. Maintaining the security aspects in the housing units. 
  10. Preparing periodic reports about the housing units , what problems they have and what solutions can be used.


Staff contact information:

Mr. Mubarak Ibrahim Al-Ghannam
Tel: (+966)13 342 6930
Office: 14 Admin Building A
Email: Ghannamm@ucj.edu.sa