Message From Female Chairperson


         As the chairperson of the Department of English Language (ELD) I am both privileged and honored to welcome you to the main website of the Department of English language at Jubail University College.

Our department facilitates two main programs, the Preparatory -Year program and the Bachelor program. We are proud to say, that as a department, we gladly rise to the challenge of meeting all responsibilities that go hand-in-hand with the running of two such programs. To enter the English bachelor program, our students must first be successful in the prep- year program. Then they have the opportunity of progressing to the bachelor program, where four main fields are covered -  linguistics, literature, TEFL, and translation.

We have a strong team of staff in the department, who are united in encouraging our students to work hard, achieve their best and to respect others. To accomplish this, we believe that students need to be fully challenged and supported within a caring environment. We are committed to the pursuit of individual excellence and achievement whilst ensuring that no-one is left behind.

In recognition of the great strides being made by our country, both our missions and objectives accommodate KSA's new vision for 2030. We strive to produce strong and competent young graduates who will ensure that our country's well-being is their main priority.


Dr. Raja AlGhamdi

Chairperson - Department of English Language

Jubail University College-Female branch

Royal commission for Jubail & Yanbu

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia