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ME - Student Achievement : 392

ME student Mr. KHALID ABDULHADI D ALSHEHRI has successfully passed the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (FE). We congratulate him on his achievement.

The FE exam is one of the requirements by Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE) to become a member of the SCE.

The Mechanical Engineering Department at Jubail University College has recommended FE Examination to be an Exit Examination for all its graduating students. The FE examination will promote the employability of the students and enhance their professional development.

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Student Achievement 2012-2013

On May 27, 2013 (16/7/1434 H), Dr. Ali H. Assiri (GM – College & Institute Sector), Dr. Maher Mohammed Ghanem (MD – Jubail University College) and Dr. Abdulaziz Mathami (Deputy of Academic Affairs – JUC) have visited the department of Mechanical Engineering of JUC to see a demo of a project done by Mechanical Engineering students, Ahmed Al Sekhan (29110013), Bander Al Sekhan (29110041), Fahad Al Sakran (29110263) and Adel Abu Jubara (29110464). They have completed a project work titled "Conversion of Two Stroke Petrol Engine to an Air Engine", under the guidance of Dr. Syed Yousufuddin, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Jubail University College. This project is a partial fulfillment for the award of Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering and has a bright upcoming to be extended to solve current major problems including pollution.

Pollution has been a major obstacle for human development in modern times, an obstacle that is considered a threat for people nowadays and for future generations. One of the major causes of pollution is the excessive use of fossil fuels in the industry, especially in the automotive industry, which raises another problem that is the energy and fuel crises. Considering the two previous issues, any technology that reduces the effects or provides a solution for them is considered a must. In one of such new technologies, a new engine was developed by the students of Mechanical Engineering of Jubail University College called a "Compressed Air Engine".

A compressed air engine developed by the students uses the energy stored as compressed air to do work. Here the expansion of compressed air stored at high pressure in a storage tank occurs in the engine cylinder to move a piston doing mechanical work. The main application of this engine is in the automobile industry where the potential energy of the compressed air is converted into kinetic energy of the linear motion of piston and rotary motion of the crank and the crank shaft. This motion is transferred to the wheels using usual transfer mechanisms, as the working fluid is compressed air there is no requirement of any other fuel other than some amount of electrical energy for compression of air in an electric compressor. In this project a prototype, single cylinder low speed petrol engine was modified by the students to run on compressed air. Since this engine runs only on high pressure compressed air, the exhaust of which is undoubtedly only air, making it a zero pollution engine. In this modified engine no heat is generated because there is no combustion of fuel, hence this engine needs no cooling system and it results in reduced cost, weight and volume. The student also carried out the experimental analysis on a modified engine to find out its performance characteristics like brake power, indicated power, volumetric efficiency and mechanical efficiency. Though the efficiencies were low as the frictional forces were high for the prototype designed engine, however the concept can be applied on a professionally designed engine to improve its performance.





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